About Multifamily Data Exchange

The Multifamily Data Exchange (MDX) is a new competitive intelligence platform for the multifamily industry.

In 2012 The Rainmaker Group – in response to requests from many of its clients – began to explore the possibility of operating a platform through which multifamily operators could share their historical performance data. The exchange would gather data from all companies – irrespective of which systems they operated – and put it in one place, to be shared among subscribers in the form of benchmarking reports.

Data exchanges are common in many industries, but no platform like MDX has ever existed in the multifamily industry before. There are plenty of research firms who produce reports that are based on the results of telephone surveys, but everybody knows the limitations of those research techniques. There are other benchmarks that include lease data, but they’re all tied to system vendors. From its launch in 2013, the MDX subscriber base consists entirely and exclusively of companies and communities who have agreed to share their data within the strict confidentiality rules under which MDX operates.

MDX has been created by The Rainmaker Group as an entirely new venture. MDX is not a system provider – it is the curator of the industry’s historical performance data. MDX is the platform for the whole industry that allows all participants to share data and benchmark performance in a more consistent and transparent manner than ever before.