Multifamily Performance Benchmarking - It's What We Do

The Multifamily Data Exchange (MDX) is the platform through which multifamily owners, operators and stakeholders exchange their historical performance information.  We gather historical performance data directly from the Property Management Systems (PMSs) of a growing population of multifamily communities.  Participating properties receive reports that benchmark their performance against a specific set of sub-market comps.

MDX is different from any other multifamily industry benchmarking resource.  It takes the full picture of historical rental income and allows you to compare to sub-market comps on an “apples-to-apples" basis, through a simple suite of reports.  The information is factual, transparent and relevant, and its perspective is always unbiased – your access to data isn’t limited to other companies that happen to run the same software systems that you do.

MDX is changing the way that the multifamily industry benchmarks performance.  For a more detailed explanation, download our white paper.  To book a demo, or to find out if MDX is available in the markets where your properties are, click here or email us at